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Mipolam Accord EL7


Mipolam Accord EL7 is a dissipative flexible homogeneous commercial vinyl floorcovering available in both sheet and tile form, calendered and compacted. This commercial floorcovering is treated with Evercare™, the latest improvements in polyurethane surface treatment obtained by UV laser cross-linking. Evercare™ avoids stain of chemical products used in healthcare like betadine, eosin or anti-bacterial hand gel and increases the durability of the flooring. This treatment has excellent maintenance characteristics; it requires no wax for life! Mipolam Accord EL7 acts as a continuous dissipater and has permanent antistatic properties. The product is non-reactive to residual indentation and non-emissive of volatile organic compounds.

  • Construction
    Dissipative Homogeneous Sheet Vinyl
  • Width
  • Tile Size
    608mm x 608mm
  • Total Thickness
  • Wearlayer Thickness
  • Fire Rating
    CRF 9.9kW/m² (ISO 9239-1)
  • Slip Resistance
    R9 (DIN 51130)
  • Environmental
    100% Recyclable
  • Classifications
    Class 34 Commercial Very Heavy / Class 43 Industrial Heavy
  • Warranty
    12 Year Commercial Warranty
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