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Gerflor Tarasafe Ultra


Gerflor Tarasafe Ultra is a slip resistant floorcovering with deeply inlaid carborundum particles with a closed cell foam backing (sound insulation: 16 dB) and reinforced with a glassfibre grid. Treated with the Sparclean® surface treatment for extreme resistance to soiling and staining and with Sanosol®, an antibacterial and fungicidal treatment. Tarasafe Ultra is suitable for use in all areas of heavy traffic where slip-resistance, durability, cleanliness and hygiene are required.

  • Construction
    Heterogeneous Sheet Vinyl
  • Width
  • Total Thickness
  • Wearlayer Thickness
  • Fire Rating
    CRF 8.3kW/m² (ISO 9239-1)
  • Slip Resistance - Wet Pendulum
    P3 (AS 4586-2013, App A)
  • Slip Resistance - Oil Wet Ramp
    R10 (AS 4586-2013, App D)
  • Environmental
    100% Recyclable, Greentag Certified
  • Classifications
    Class 34 Commercial Very Heavy / Class 43 Industrial Heavy
  • Warranty
    12 Year Commercial Warranty
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