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Providing a good grip is a priority. These handrails have been designed with the greatest of care to aid mobility. Essentially, they are ergonomic, and provide both visual guidance (use of contrast provided by colours) and wall protection. Our systems are available in antibacterial PVC or aluminium and can be adapted to fit any surface: walls where there are service ducts, curved walls, corners which are not 90°, staircases, while respecting the original decor.
Our handrails protect against hand-borne infections. Inside establishments open to the public, and especially in health-care institutions, hygiene and the prevention of microbial contamination are permanent concerns. In particular, the hands form a significant vector for the carriage and transmission of contamination, which may be deposited on handrails. According to research, 75 to 90% of in-hospital infection in health-care establishments may be due to hand-borne transmission.
Rough edges on the handrail, at the junctions between profile sections and finisher accessories, collect the majority of contamination and are the most difficult points to clean. For this reason, all SPM handrails are fitted with bactericidal joints, treated integrally and undamaged by cleaning. Their bactericidal action, proved by an independent laboratory, complements the bacteriostatic and antibacterial properties of our handrails, almost have a smooth finish.
Our handrails provide effective help in the fight against the growth of microorganisms and the spread of infection.

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