Stream - Infini Colours


Stream carpet tiles are inspired by frothing water and the many tangled patterns created by the foam on its surface. With an strong design element, this structured loop pile carpet tile is ideal for commercial workspaces. A choice of 33 shades offers infinite opportunities to add a personalised touch. From the brightest hue to the simplest grey, let your imagination and creativity guide you. Made from 100% Regenerated Econyl Nylon, Stream is an environmentally friendly carpet tile. GUT-certified and a good way to gain LEED credits, it combines ecology and aesthetics. Be captivated by the perpetual motion of foam on water, and let yourself be swept away by its elaborate design.  

  • Construction
    Structured Loop Pile Carpet Tile
  • Yarn

    100% Regenerated Econyl Nylon

  • Size
    500mm x 500mm
  • Tiles per Carton

    20pcs / 5.0m²

  • Total Thickness
  • Backing
    Bitumen reinforced with fiberglass PVC free
  • Acoustic Backing Available
    Feltback with recycled polyester (600m² min)
  • Fire Rating

    CRF 6.6kW/m2 (ISO 9239-1)

  • Environmental

    GreenStar, Homestar™
    Well building Standard®
    Gut Label Certified, LEED®
    CRI Green Label Certified
    Environmental Product Declaration
    Contains recycled content
    Low VOC
    ISO 14001

  • Classification
    Class 33 Commercial Heavy
  • Warranty
    15 Year Commercial Warranty

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