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Gerflor Tarasafe Ultra H2O


Gerflor Tarasafe Ultra H2O is a slip resistant vinyl floorcovering, with a PVC wear layer and deeply inlaid mineral particles and coloured chips for a decorative design together with a raised emboss for better slip resistance. Ideal solution for traffic applications where enhanced slip resistance with barefoot and durability are required such as wet areas. The specific embossing together with the mineral particles gives a Class C barefoot slip resistance (DIN 51 097) and R11 shod slip resistance (DIN 51 130) which makes Tarasafe Ultra H2O ideal for barefoot or shod applications.

  • Construction
    Heterogeneous Sheet Vinyl
  • Width
  • Total Thickness
  • Wearlayer Thickness
  • Fire Rating
    CRF 6.2kW/m² (ISO 9239-1)
  • Slip Resistance - Dry & Wet Pendulum
    P3 (AS 4586: 2013, App A), >36PTV (BS 7976-2)
  • Slip Resistance - Oil Wet Ramp
    R11 (DIN 51130)
  • Slip Resistance - Wet Bare Foot
    C (DIN 51097)
  • Slip Resistance - Ramp Test
    ESb (EN 13845 / annex C)
  • Slip Resistance - Wet Areas
    3 (CTE)
  • Environmental
    100% Recyclable, Greentag Certified
  • Classifications
    Class 34 Commercial Very Heavy / Class 43 Industrial Heavy
  • Warranty
    12 Year Commercial Warranty
  • Masterspec Work Section
    6411IF Belgotex Vinyl Floor and Wall Surfacing
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