Belgotex Carpet & Flooring NZ

Jazz Rubber


Jazz is an innovative rubber flooring that replaces the traditional vinyl type flooring in commercial and domestic applications. It offers great underfoot comfort, absorbs foot traffic noise, has excellent non-slip properties and it comes in a range of 8 standard colours, with custom colours available, to suit any interior design. Depending on the colour blend, Jazz products are made in a range of compositions from 100% synthetic to 100% recycled product.

  • Construction
    Polymerically Bound Recycled Tyre and Synthetic Rubbers
  • Width
    1.1m wide x any length
  • Fire Rating
    ISO 9239-1
  • Thickness
    3.0mm - 8.0mm
  • Use
  • Classification
    Heavy Duty Commercial
  • Minimum Order Quantities

    3mm log yield - 165m²
    4mm log yield - 120m²
    5mm log yield - 100m²
    6mm log yield - 70m²
    7mm log yield - 60m²
    8mm log yield - 55m²
    * Excluding Partia in 5mm and Berlin in 8mm, which can be ordered by SQM - minimum 5l/m.
    ** Measurements per log are approximate. Specified roll lengths cannot be guaranteed due to the nature of raw materials used in manufacturing.